Wrapped in the Flag, Collateral Damage
2006 ongoing project
pencil, colored pencil on paper
23 scrolls, each 60" x 12" (9/08- there are 35)
Two series of drawings created to be shown together. Image here is at Cynthia Broan Gallery, NYC, April 2006, part of the TAX-ONOMIES Exhibition, a solo show depicting some of the purchases/ results of American tax expenditures. The drawings depict the
casualties of the invasion of Iraq. Wrapped in the Flag depicts the military casualties from the "coalition of the willing." Names and ages of the casualties are written under each silhouetted figure. The silhouettes are filled in
with the flag of the country represented.Over 400 figures drawn. Collateral Damage depicts the civilian casualties, (predominantly Iraqis) silhouettes filled in with white pencil, names and ages under many--over 18,000 figures drawn as of September 2008. 35 scrolls as of September 2008.
Collateral Damage
pencil, white pencil on paper
60" x 12" (1 of 17)
Drawings depicting civilian casualties from invasion of Iraq.18,000 figures drawn (tiny fraction of actual number) with names and ages for some.
Collateral Damage (detail)
Wrapped in the Flag
2003 ongoing
pencil, colored pencil on paper
60" x 12" (1 of 17)
Coalition casualties, invasion of Iraq,over 4000 drawn thus far, names and ages included.
Wrapped in the Flag, detail
detail of ongoing drawing series depicting coalition casualties of invasion of Iraq
Wrapped in the Flag in progress
adding figures and names to drawing...updating, at Cynthia Broan Gallery, 5/06
Everything I Own
colored pencil on paper
17 drawings- 60" x 12"
Drawings of the 13,127 objects I owned in 1997, 1998. Shown at P.S. 122 Gallery, NYC, 2001.